Affiliates from United States accepted

The KuCoin Affiliate Program seeks partners who share the same mission and values. Affiliates have the right to create a special referral link that will bind any user who registers through it to their accounts. Earn commissions on the trading fees of all users you invite, as long as they use your referral link.

Founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts with proven track records in giants like Ant Financial and GF Securities, Kucoin aims to provide users with even more secure and convenient digital asset exchange and transaction services, incorporating premium assets worldwide.

The best cryptocurrency affiliate program in the world according to them. Invite friends to trade on KuCoin and earn up to 50% commission on their trading fees. When your friends become affiliated with KuCoin, you also earn second level commissions.

How do I earn commissions?

Apply to become a partner

If you have resources in the community, media, etc., you can apply now! Once approved, you can be a KuCoin partner!

Promote KuCoin

Share your referral link with your community, followers or other channels to spread the word about KuCoin.

Claim commissions

New users who sign up and trade through your referral link can earn you commissions.

Why become a KuCoin partner?

High commissions

Kucoin offers the best affiliate commissions in the industry, with up to 50% trading fees in the form of daily commissions and long-term affiliate relationships.

A transparent sponsorship system

The Kucoin Referral Dashboard provides affiliates with comprehensive, multi-channel commission management.

Premium brand

KuCoin, whose goal is to facilitate the free flow of digital assets around the world, is a premium brand that helps attract subscribers.

Second level commissions

Benefit from a unique commission system (second level commissions)

Who can join the KuCoin Affiliate Program?

  1. YouTube vloggers, cryptocurrency community leaders, writers and other content creators who are willing to promote KuCoin on their respective platforms (social media accounts with 5000+ followers or communities with 500+ members ).
  2. Cryptocurrency market websites, cryptocurrency tool websites, industry media websites and other cryptocurrency websites.
  3. Marketers, institutions and organizations.
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