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Best Affiliate Programs for 2023

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face when building an affiliate marketing business is finding the best affiliate programs. Use affiliate marketing to earn additional income from your website. Most companies out there already have an affiliate program you can join and earn money for promoting them.

What is an affiliate program ?

An affiliate program is a marketing program in which a business rewards affiliates for each customer or visitor brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. In other words, it is a way for a company to sell its products or services by signing up individuals or companies (“affiliates”) who promote the company’s products or services for a commission.

In an affiliate program, affiliates are given a unique tracking link to use to promote the company’s products or services. When someone clicks on this link and makes a purchase or takes some other desired action, the affiliate earns a commission. The commission is typically a percentage of the sale price of the product or a fixed fee for the desired action.

Affiliate programs can be a lucrative way for individuals or companies to earn income by promoting products or services that they believe in. They can also be an effective way for businesses to reach new customers and increase sales. However, it is important to choose a reputable affiliate program and to carefully consider the products or services being promoted, as the credibility and reputation of the affiliate can impact the credibility and reputation of the company being promoted.

How to create an affiliate program?

  1. Define your affiliate program’s goals and target audience.
  2. Choose an affiliate tracking software or platform.
  3. Recruit potential affiliates by reaching out to your existing customer base, networking with other businesses in your industry, or offering incentives for sign-ups.
  4. Set commission rates and terms of the program.
  5. Create marketing materials, such as banners and links, for your affiliates to use on their websites.
  6. Regularly communicate with and support your affiliates to help them succeed in promoting your business.
  7. Monitor and analyze the performance of your affiliate program to make improvements as necessary.

What are the best affiliate tracking software or platform?

There are many affiliate tracking software and platforms available, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Some popular options include:

  1. Commission Junction: One of the largest affiliate marketing networks, offering a wide range of tools and reporting capabilities.
  2. ShareASale: A platform that provides merchants with access to thousands of affiliates, as well as a variety of tracking and reporting tools.
  3. ClickBank: A platform that specializes in digital products and offers a variety of features to help businesses and affiliates succeed.
  4. Rakuten Marketing: A platform that provides access to a large network of affiliates, as well as tools for creating and managing affiliate campaigns.
  5. Post Affiliate Pro: Platform that covers all the aspects of an affiliate program, from tracking to reporting and fraud detection.
  6. PartnerStack: Platform that helps companies to automate their Partner program and easily manage all their partnerships in one place.
  7. Impact Radius: Platform that helps companies to track and manage their affiliate program, and also provides analytics and optimization features.

Ultimately, you should research and compare different options to find the one that best meets your needs.

How to recruit recruit potential affiliates?

  1. Reach out to your existing customer base: Your current customers may be interested in promoting your business to their own networks, and they may already have a positive relationship with your brand.
  2. Network with other businesses in your industry: Other businesses that sell complementary products or services may be interested in promoting your business to their own customer base.
  3. Offer incentives for sign-ups: Offer potential affiliates a commission or other incentives to join your program.
  4. Utilize social media: Use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote your affiliate program and recruit potential affiliates.
  5. Attend industry events: Attend trade shows, conferences, and other events related to your industry to network with other businesses and recruit potential affiliates.
  6. Use affiliate directories: Utilize online directories of affiliates to find potential partners for your program.
  7. Cold emailing: Reach out to potential affiliates directly by sending an email that describes your program and its benefits.
  8. Use Influencers: Find influencers in your niche and reach out to them, they can be a great way to reach new potential customers and promote your product.

Remember that recruiting potential affiliates is an ongoing process, and you should continue to actively seek out new partners even after your program is up and running.

What type of commission you can find in the affiliate industry?

In the affiliate industry, there are several different types of commission structures that businesses can offer to their affiliates. Some common commission structures include:

  1. Pay-per-sale: Affiliates are paid a commission for each sale that they generate through their unique referral link or code.
  2. Pay-per-lead: Affiliates earn a commission for each lead generated through their referral link or code, such as a form submission or email sign-up.
  3. Pay-per-click: Affiliates are paid a commission for each click on their referral link or code, regardless of whether the click results in a sale or lead.
  4. Recurring commission: Affiliates are paid a commission for each sale or lead that they generate and for each recurring payment made by the customer.
  5. Hybrid commission: A combination of different commission types, like pay-per-sale and recurring commission.
  6. Tiered commission: Affiliates are paid different commission rates based on the number of sales or leads they generate.
  7. Revenue Sharing: Affiliates are paid a percentage of the revenue generated by the referred customer, rather than a flat commission rate.

The commission structure you choose will depend on your business model, the type of products or services you offer, and your overall goals for the affiliate program.