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Adult affiliates earns money by promoting adult sites such as video-on-demand VOD sites, live webcam sites and online dating sites. The affiliate industry is huge in the adult niche, there are so many content providers and end users.

Adult affiliate programs is very profitable because there is a lot of demand and not all webmasters are ready to promote adult content, it can be hard to watch it all day long.

Affiliate Adult Website

The adult industry is a taboo for many of us, but this industry is a 100 billion dollar business. Are you surprised? You want to know how to profit from adult industry advertisements.

When you post ads on your site and people visit adult sites through your affiliate link, you earn a huge commission. Google has strict rules on adult content ads, which means that Google Ads is not the right solution for high payout.

However, several other payment options are available, so you don’t have to worry about that. Adult affiliate programs work and give commissions by offering CPC, CPA and CPM.

CPM stands for payment per thousand impressions, or 1,000 ad views. The more ad views you get from your site traffic, the more commission you earn.

The CPA system is tied to subscription services. You receive a commission when someone signs up for the service. The adult niche is known as a gold mine in affiliate marketing because it is one of the most lucrative niches.