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A URL shortener is a service that allows users to shorten long URLs (web addresses) into shorter, more manageable links that can be more easily shared on social media or other platforms. URL shorteners work by using a unique code to represent the longer URL, which is then used to redirect users to the original URL when the shortened link is clicked.

URL shorteners are commonly used to share links on social media platforms, where users are often limited in the number of characters they can use in a post. They can also be used to track the number of clicks on a link, as well as other metrics such as the location and device of the users who click on the link.

There are many different URL shortening services available, and they can vary in terms of the features they offer and the customization options they provide. It is important to choose a reputable URL shortener that is secure and reliable, as shortened links can be used to mask the true destination of a link and may pose a security risk if they are not properly managed.